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From Principal's Desk

We often come across a phrase- ‘its time for a change’. But does this phrase suggest something new ? The answer to this question might be an ambiguous one. For, the human civilization is marked by a constant process of change - the evolution. With the changing environment man has adapted to one mode of living from another. This is how we have traversed our path from the nomadic Stone Age life to our present modernity. And we know that the present is evasive for the tomorrow will not be the same. Therefore, we need to be insightful and prepare ourselves for the emerging changes of the future. The present phenomenon of change is multidimensional as it is reflected in our economy, our work place, the trade, the society, our living, habits, culture and even in our polity.

Hence, the two explicit changes that are shaping our future are:
  • Firstly the economic milieu today is no more local, rather it has become globalized . The fact remains that the expansion of the economy has indeed widened the scope for the up-coming generation.
  • Secondly, the society in which we are living is triggered by the IT revolution by virtue of which information has become accessible at one's finger tips.

For the Students

It is necessary for the student community to realize that the journey from the world of learning to the world of earning is not the same as it was some years back. Apart from the regular degrees earned from the colleges and universities, the employers these days have set different criteria for appointing people. The employment skills can not be taught; rather these have to be developed by the students themselves. Therefore the college suggests its students to inculcate such skills.

Always maintain high standards of academic & administrative discipline.
Always help to keep the classroom & environment clean.
Always follow the rules of the institution.
Always promote fellow feeling as well as the objectives, interest & image of the Institution.
Present a Positive Image:
Follow good grooming practices by wearing clean tidy clothes.
Participate in Games & Sports and other extra-curricular events for an all-round development of body and mind.
Develop the sense of responsibility and decision making.
Exhibit self-confidence in your behavior and not mannerism.

Exhibit Positive Work Attitude:
a) Use basic social skills.
b) Be creative and have willingness to learn.
c) Take pride in your work.
Practise Good Work Habits
a) Maintain regular attendance.
b) Be thorough and diligent.
c) Follow safety rules.

Practise Ethical Behavior:
a) Exercise integrity and good judgement.
b) Respect and value college property.
c) Follow college rules and code of ethics.
Communicate Effectively:
a) Demonstrate speech, writing, and non-verbal communication skills.
b) Demonstrate good listening habits.

Accept Responsibility:
a) Initiate and exhibit problem-solving attitude to shoulder responsibilities.
b) Take personal responsibilities.
Cooperate with Others:
a) Think yourself as member of a team which comprises your friends and teachers and non-teaching staff.
b) Learn to work under the supervision of the guardians in your college.

Students' Empowerment Cell
The college may further plan to a set up a Students' Empowerment Cell from the coming academic session whose objective would be to work round the year on a single theme of EMPOWERING STUDUNTS through varieties of programmes as follows:
  • Six informative seminars on a common theme of “new age emerging job market.”
  • Two workshops for training the students to meet “new age requirements.”
  • Monthly meet of students’ study circle aiming to build information eagerness and personality development.
  • Interaction Meets involving other schools and colleges The cell will organize debate, cultural competition, and essay-writing competition etc. for the students, generally in association with the students’ union.

For the Teachers

The teachers of this college have rendered their sincere and dedicated service and hard work to bear the torch of higher education amidst different adversities. It is, therefore, a matter of conviction that in the years to come the teachers would reflect a mind which welcomes changes and redesign their future path of journey in this emerging new world. Here are some of the agenda which we the teachers can think.

For the Non-Teaching Staff

Although the college is a non profitable organisation, it cannot and should not ignore the question of economic viability. It should therefore address the issues of budgetary discipline on one hand and internal resource mobilization on the other. Here are some of the agendas which the college plans to introduce for developing the organisational aspect of the college.

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