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Philosophy Department


Department of Philosophy:

The Department of Philosophy is an academic department within a college that focuses on the study of fundamental questions about knowledge, existence, ethics, and the nature of reality. Philosophy is often considered one of the oldest academic disciplines, with its roots dating back to ancient Greece and encompassing various traditions and schools of thought.
The Department of Philosophy typically offers undergraduate and graduate programs in philosophy, allowing students to explore various branches of philosophy, such as metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, logic, philosophy of mind, and political philosophy, among others. Students can engage in critical thinking, analysis, and argumentation, developing skills that are applicable across a wide range of fields.
The department usually has a faculty comprising assistant professors, and sometimes adjunct faculty or visiting scholars. These faculty members are experts in their respective areas of specialization and conduct research, publish scholarly articles and books, and contribute to the academic community through conferences and seminars.
Students pursuing a degree in philosophy within the department have the opportunity to take courses that introduce them to the history of philosophy, major philosophical theories, and contemporary debates. They can also engage in independent research projects or join philosophical discussion groups and clubs.
In addition to academic programs, the Department of Philosophy organizes guest lectures, workshops, and conferences featuring renowned philosophers and scholars. These events provide students and faculty with opportunities to explore current issues and engage in intellectual exchange.
Philosophy graduates from the department often pursue diverse career paths. Some go on to Post graduate studies in philosophy or related fields, while others apply their critical thinking and analytical skills in professions such as law, business, educatio,public policy, journalism, or non-profit organizations. The training in philosophy equips students with valuable skills in reasoning, argumentation, and ethical analysis, which are transferable to various areas of life and work.
Overall, the Department of Philosophy in a college serves as a hub for the exploration of fundamental questions, intellectual inquiry, and the development of critical and analytical thinking skills. It provides a fertile ground for students and faculty to engage with timeless philosophical ideas and contemporary debates, fostering a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world we inhabit.

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    H.O.D., Assistant Professor
    M.A., B.Ed., PhD
    Date of Joining - 04.10.2016

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    Associate Professor
    M.A., M.Phil.
    Date of Joining - 02.12.1997
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    State Aided College Teacher
    M.A., PhD
    Date of Joining - 11.07.2009
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    State Aided College Teacher
    M.A., M.Phil
    Date of Joining - 11.07.2009
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